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Backbone.js Resources

Backbone.js is my MVC framwork of choice when it comes to building rich client-side web applications. It’s not as opinionated as other web frameworks such as Rails, and as such requires more effort on the part of the developer to build fast, reliable and maintainable applications.

This page is a collection of my favorite Backbone.js resources. This is a collection of my favorite Backbone.js resources. For my notes on why Backbone is awesome, check out this post. For more generate JavaScript resources, see my collection of JavaScript resources.

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Official Documentation

The Backbone.js and Underscore.js docs are extremely well written and organized. I recommend that you read through the annotated source and docs to make yourself familiar with the API.

Collections of Tips, Techniques, etc.

  • Backbone Patterns — Great collection of higher-level Backbone patterns, including sub-views, partials, mixins, and dependencies.

Screencasts and Online Courses

Screencasts and online courses are my favorite way to learn new techniques.


Blog Posts

Example Applications

  • TodoMVC by Addy Osmani and Sindre Sorhus is an implementation of a Todo application using the most common client-side MV* frameworks.

    There are two examples for Backbone.js. The Architecture Example shows how the Todo App is built. The Dependency Example illustrates how to manage dependencies with RequireJS.

  • Backbone Boilerplate

Other Collections of Resources

Belive it or not, I’m not the first one with the idea to compile a collection of Backbone.js resources. Here are other notable, and partly much more comprehensive, pages:

Help Make This Guide Better

If there are any resources you’ve found helpful that I didn’t include here, please share them in the comments.

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