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32 Awesome Mac OS X Apps to Make You More Productive

  1. Alfred — I mostly use this as an application-launcher and file-opener.

  2. AppZapper — Uninstalls apps completely (along with its extra files).

  3. Balsamiq — Wireframing on the desktop.

  4. Boom — Boost your Mac’s volume. Especially useful for Movies downloaded on iTunes which tend to be too quiet on the speakers.

  5. Caffeine — Toggle your Mac’s ability to go to sleep on and off. Useful during presentations.

  6. Cloak — Simple VPN to secure your connections on public wifi.

  7. Soulver — Calculator on steroids. And crack.

  8. DayOne — Beautiful journal.

  9. Divvy — Awesome window management tool. I used it to arrange windows on my large monitor.

  10. Evernote — To jot stuff down on the go.

  11. Fantastical — Menu-bar calendar for convenient access.

  12. Flint — Campfire client. We use campfire as our group chat.

  13. f.lux — Adjusts your screen’s color temperature to match the sun.

  14. GoToMeeting — For screensharing and conferences.

  15. LittleSnapper — Organize screenshots of stuff you like.

  16. MindJet — Mindmapping.

  17. OmniGraffle — Diagramming tool. There’s a huge ecosystem of stencils and templates available. Many use it for wireframing & UX.

  18. OpenOffice — Faster than Microsoft Office sometimes.

  19. SizeUp — Defines keyboard shortcuts to arrange windows and split the screen in two.

  20. MacVim — Desktop version of the popular terminal text editor.

  21. Adobe Creative Cloud — Photoshop, Illustrator, and all the other Adobe apps in one SaaS package.

  22. Fluid — This is one of my favorite apps. I creates a .app file that launches a predetermined URL, essentially creating a desktop version of the web app. I use it for Pivotal Tracker.

  23. Adium — I use this for GChat and AIM, but it supports a range of other protocols.

  24. Skype

  25. Reeder — The best RSS Reader out there.

  26. Cloud — Drag and drop file sharing.

  27. Skitch — This used to be great (I still have version 1.0.11). The newer versions have gotten horrible reviews.

  28. iAWriter — Distraction-free minimalistic editor with Markdown support.

  29. Byword — Very similar to iAWriter.

  30. PathFinder — Finder replacement. I never use the standard finder anymore.

  31. Hazel — Create rules and actions for file processing. I recently started using this to group my scanned files into folders based on year and date.

  32. Google Chrome — My web browser

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